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Welcome to Visionbaba.com – Not just blogging

You are here, that means you are interested in knowing about our Business.

Here you GO! A brief introduction to Visionbaba.com

Started in 2017, Visionbaba.com is fairly new in the Blogging world. We are a team of fresh bloggers belonging to different age groups and different areas of life. We are inspired by the fact that Social media can influence a common man’s Life to a far extent. It’s not a general statement indeed.

Visionbaba.com is not just blogging. It’s more about sharing experiences of life.

Visonbaba.com broadly comprises, THOUGH NOT LIMITED to,

Sales Marketing or Business Section- which includes tips and stories pertaining to Field Marketing sector

Travelling- I love to do. And best one are the unplanned visits. We are not pro. though we try our best to give you reviews of different places and spots. It also includes random visits and descriptions.

Tech Reviews- Technology keeps on evolving, and so we are. Time to time we will keep on updating about the upcoming technological advancements.

Internet securities, Digital marketing and Social Media- This section is actually of more interest for crowd nowadays. You will find description relating tools and techniques for digital Marketing, SEO, and Internet Securities etc.

Health and Fitness- This section I thought to incorporate. As it’s creating A BUZZ among the people. Irrespective of the age groups. Now more and more people are getting health conscious these days.

Lastly there is a section for thoughts which do not fall in any categories. I call it My Experiences. I will provide you insights of my important day to day events.

I know it’s getting quite a bit longer, But I can’t end this section without Answering the question.

Why I started Visionbaba.com

I love to do Discussion and critical analysis. Be it anything. Interacting with people can do sharing of ideas and experience. That’s the purpose of Visionbaba.com.

So without wasting more time—- Lets Interact!

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